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We Are A Bi-Product Company. We sell products of different categories.

Domini Bv was created in 2014 and then expanded into a wide variety of products distribution in Poultry, Milk, Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Food and beverages with Agricultural and by-product activities. We have created an impact both domestically & across the globe due to the quality we offer. We try to keep our customers happy by constant availability and top quality of our constant supplies.

We are your best Online Provision Store. We sell a variety of products

Our Mission

We are an agency that supplies food-related items. We are located in Germany, Steeler Strasse 43, D-45127 Essen. Mettmann. We aim at providing quality food items and organic products to any country around the world. Some of our items are; beverages, tea & coffee, confectioneries, animal feed and many more.

Our team of expert workers and staff always make sure to meet the expectations of the customers by delivering quality, and with efficiency.

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The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs is second to non.

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